Now offering one-on-one Tutorials on the setup and  configurations of the LEKHOLM DM48/DM48X MIDI HARMONICA

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This year, I officially became a proud member of the SEYDEL Harmonica Company, who manufacture and design some of the most innovative Harmonicas in the world. I have long been a fan of their amazing Chromatics, and am proud to now be included in the SEYDEL Endorsee group. Their instruments are designed and built in Germany, and they are one of the oldest and most prestigious Harmonica companies in the world. I am especially fond of their newest Chromatic Harmonica, called “The Volcany”, an all-brass beauty that is truly a blast to play. I’m also a huge fan of their “SYMPHONY” line of chromatics, and the ever reliable SAXONY Chromatic Harmonica. 

The people are SEYDEL are true music lovers, and really support the artists they endorse. 


  • Erik Larsson (inventor of the DM48 MIDI Harmonica)

“Master DM48 player Jason Keene let us know that he is now doing one-on-one tutorial sessions, via zoom/skype or FaceTime  for anyone who wants to get the most out of their DM48/DM48X or just improve their harmonica playing in general. Contact Jason for pricing and more information. Jason is one of the most innovative DM48 players in the world, constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to software, peripherals and advanced configuration. This is always motivated by the music and the sound, and anyone following this newsletter knows his results are amazing.”




Tom Stryker

“Jason Keene’s great Chromatic playing is only exceeded by his expertise and knowledge of the Lekholm DM48.  He has tutored and fast tracked me on the DM48 for which I am forever grateful.”

Brendan Power

“As demonstrated in his many excellent YouTube videos, Jason Keene knows the wonderful Lekholm DM48/48X Midi Harmonica intimately. Both as an expressive jazz player and in his understanding of how best to set up the instrument with Midi devices, his knowledge of how everything works together is unrivaled. Besides, he’s a really friendly guy who is happy to share his hard-won insights! It all adds up to making him an excellent teacher, who can quickly short cut the learning process to get you enjoying your DM48/48X in the shortest time possible.”

Mickey Raphael

“Jason Keene is a true Maestro on the DM 48 midi harmonica and I’m lucky to call him my teacher.”

Lighten Up!


Great players, funky, swinging tunes, a wink, and a smile! Powered by dozens of doughnuts and supported by some of the best musicians in Los Angeles including: Dean Parks, (Steely Dan) Larry Goldings, (James Taylor) Casey Abrams, (America’s Got Talent) Dillon 0′ Brian, Terry Harrington, David Jackson, Adam Cohen and more!

Jason has also assembled a killer live band that swings and rocks with a unique sound featuring harmonica, digital harmonica, vibes, piano and a relentless rhythm section that will keep audiences bopping, dancing, and smiling!